Morgan: The March of Progress


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A book filled with history, evolution and progress, a lot of which, up until now, has never been seen before.

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The book covers the history of the company from 1909 to 2022. It explains the company’s origins, and charts the various evolutions and changes of direction that have taken place over the last 113 years. Follow the Morgan story from the ingeniously simple and cheap Runabout cyclecar of the Edwardian period all the way through to the modern era, via the Aero 8 and the modern V-twin 3 Wheeler, to the latest CX-generation four wheelers and the Super 3 today. Particular focus is given to the use of the cars, especially motorsport and how that drove developments to the products. The impact of the MSCC, and other Morgan clubs around the world, in the popularity and growth of Morgans features strongly in the cars’ history. There is also a chapter on the history of the MSCC itself and what it offers today.

It is a large 288-page hardback, with well over 400 photos ranging from 1909 to today, including many from the MSCC’s archives which have not been seen before, and also from the archives of the Morgan Motor Company. As well as being good to look at, I hope you will find it a good read too! It is a co-production between MSCC and Offstone Publishing and is being printed in the UK.

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